Joe Just Started A Business
Meet Joe. Joe is a small-business owner just like you. Joe knows he needs a short, memorable domain name for his new business website. He tried – that was taken. Next he tried, which was available – for $10,000! That’s a little out of Joe’s price range.

So Joe settles…
Joe ended up settling for, where he built a nice website – but that domain name is quite the mouthful! It’s hard for customers to remember, and it’s difficult to fit on business cards, billboards, stationary, etc. If only that was available…

Joe visits
Then someone told Joe about – a service that provides access to expensive and unavailable domain names at a fraction of the cost. With Servicesleads, Joe finally got the domain he’d always wanted (, and now, whenever his local customers visit, they’re automatically taken to Joe’s existing website.

How has Joe’s Business Improved?
Now when Joe wants to advertise & market his business, he simply tells customers to visit – that’s much easier to remember than! Plus, fits better on his marketing and promotional materials, in his e-mail signature – it’s even easier to say on Joe’s new radio advertisments! Things are looking up for Joe and his new business!